I n t e r n a l P a g e


a new dance opera by AlienNation Co.


This new sci-fi opera portrays the dramatic shift in the mindset of Romola, a cosmonaut left behind on the abandoned spaceship MIRAK. After three years of orbiting Earth, the cosmonaut's biological functions are altered by her external conditions. Suspended inside her ship deprived of stimuli, the cosmonaut struggles to support her old patterns of acculturation and semantic reality. However, her body gradually learns to adapt to the environment and supplement her biological system with a new instinctual programming that will prohibit past imprintings from being transferable/readable in her memory construction.

Her internal process is represented by a progressive deconstruction of the cosmonaut's ability to carry out operational duties and reports. When the cosmonaut becomes aware of her mental disintegration, she requests to return to earth, yet due to political interests she is denied her retrieval. An accident in the space station severs communication with Earth. This accelerates the cosmonaut's mental and emotional breakdown.

The artificial conditions of her environment have progressively altered significant aspects of her physiological chemistry. This chemical adaptation of the body partially deletes and fragments the former conceptual programming. The cosmonaut reconstructs a new semantic reality while transforming into a hymenoptera queen and retracing her memories and symbolic creations to fit her altered biological system.

m o r e

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