AlienNation Co's dancevideo, "TRAILS," premiered at the "extremely shorts II" film/video festival at the Aurora Picture Show,
Houston, 1999. "Trails" features Angeles Romero and Johannes Birringer in a poetic adaptation of Nijinsky's autobiographical writings on Life and Death.


Johannes taught a workshop on "New Environments/Parameters for Dance Technologies" at the Dancing with the Mouse Conference at TCU, Fort Worth, October 13. This is a conference for practitioners striving to integrate their knowledge of where dance education and technology intersect.

In November, Johannes participated in the "Cross Fair" Symposium on Intelligent Stages, organized by the Choreographisches Zentrum NRW in Essen, Germany.

In December, Johannes joined a brainstorming conference at the ISA (Arizona State University) for the creation of ADAPT, a new partnership in telepresence/telematic projects.



From May 7 -13,, Johannes participated in the Second International Conference on Art and Technology at the University of Brasilia. Brazil. He also lectured at the Semiotics and Dance Graduate program at PUC in Sao Paulo. A new work, the "Vespucci" film installation, was shown in Brasilia and Sao Paulo.

From May 18-20, Johannes presented new research ("Dance and Network Environments") at the "Subtle Technologies" Conference in Toronto, Canada.
For more information on the event, visit the "SubtleT" website

From May 25-27, Angeles performed in a new play directed and created by the Canadian company dadaKamera. The play was shown at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus.

On May 25, Serena Lin's new video installation opened at Women and their Works Gallery in Austin, Texas.

In October, Johannes organized a roundtable on "Dance and Telematics" for the CORD Conference in New York City. In November, Johannes presented a film lecture on dance media at the Tanzhaus Duesseldorf (Germany), and then gave a film lecture on "Dance and Telepresence" at the congress "Wissen schaffen über Tanz", Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany

On December 14,, members of AlienNation Co, met at the TransArt Foundation in Houston to look at films of recent projects by Serena Lin, Wendy Aldwyn and Johannes, and plan the next production phase in March 2002.



in March, Johannes participated in the Production Research Forum "RealTime" organized by CYNETEart (Dresden) and the O1plus Institute in Nuernberg (Germany). Plans were made for the creation of an interactive environment during a workshop at Hellerau in July 2002. "East by West," collaboratively created by Sher Doruff, Orm Finnendahl and Johannes Birringer premiered in July 2002 at the Festspielhaus in Hellerau, and will be recreated at DEAF 2003 in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

May 8-12: RePerCute: Johannes traveled to the HyperMedia Studio (Los Angeles) and participated in a weekend meeting organized by the program on Digital Cultures: Reflexiones sobre Performance, Cultura y Tecnología -- un diálogo multicultural entre artistas Latinoamericanos y Norteamericanos sobre las transformaciones ocurriendo en nuestras culturas y las correspondientes expresiones en el arte performático.

November 2002: premiere of "Here I come again/Flying Birdman," a polysite telepresence performance involving 5 remote sites in the US and 2 sites in Brazil.

December 2002: "finally a place..." opens at the Trans-Site Studio in Houston.




In February 2003, Johannes presents "East by West," an interactive telepresence environment created with Sher Doruff, Orm Finnendahl, and Arjen Keesmaat,, at DEAF2003, the electronic arts festival organized by V2 in Rotterdam.

March 2003: premiere of "Sueño," a new multimedia play written and performed by Angeles Romero. Mount Hall, Columbus.

May 2003: "Body Art and Technological Transformation," workshop directed by Johannes at "Flesh Made Text," conference at Aristotle University, Thessaloniiki, Greece

March 2003: Serena Lin presents "Tremors, and Other Minor Disturbances" at Lawndale Art Center in Houston.

July 1- Juli 14.2003 Interaktionslabor: Communications Technologies, Interactive Media & Virtual Environments. Göttelborn Coal Mine - Saarland, Germany. Johanes takes on curatorial organization and directorship of laboratory.




July 2004 Interaktionslabor 2, "Adaptive Systems." Göttelborn Coal Mine - Saarland, Germany. Johannes continues curatorial organization and directorship of laboratory.

October-November 2004 "Dance and Physical Camera," masterclass directed by Johannes. Beijiing Dance Academy, China,

October 2004, "Cuerpos Ambulantes," written and performed by Angeles Romero, premieres at Theatre Festival in Cadiz, Spain.

November 2004 "Physical Camera and Telematic Performance," Powerhouse, Live Art Digital Research Unit, Nottingham Trent University. Coordinated by Johannes.

November 2004 Screenplay: "Games Cultures," Broadway Cinema, Nottingham, UK. Organized by Johannes.

December 1-4 2004 "Synaesthesia and Multimedia," University of Erfurt, Erfurt. Johannes is one of four guest artists directing this workshop.

December 14-18, 2004 "Real time, Light, Space:" Monaco Dance Forum workshop series, Monaco. Johannes directs the workshop series.




March - May 2005: DAP Lab: "design and performance" project initated at the Nottingham Powerhouse, bringing together performance artists, fashion designer,s visual artists, media artists and engineers.

June 2005: "MotionBound to Virtual Skeleton," Johannes lectures at dance technology workshop, essexdance, Chelmsford (UK)

June 2005: "TransNet, Performance and Science," Johannes participates as associate researcher in international workshop at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada

June 2005: "Physical Camera and Telematic Performance," Johanens directs a workshop for PARIP, University of Leeds

July 2005 Interaktionslabor 3, "Streaming Poetry." Göttelborn Coal Mine - Saarland, Germany. Johannes continues curatorial organization and directorship of laboratory."Cançġes dos olhos/Augenlieder," a new intermedia song cycle is created by Johannes, Paulo C. Chagas and Veronica Endo. The multichannel sound and dance film is premiered live at the Gray Gallery, Coal Mine Göttelborn.

September 2005: "The emergent dress," dual film exhibition, shown at Wearable Futures, Newport, Wales. This is an extension of the DAP LAB project Johannes initiated with Michèle Danjoux in Nottingham.

October 2005: IMAP, transEuropean project, performance-writing workshop, PACT Zollverein, Essen (Germany)

November 28- December 4: Digital Cultures Lab and Conference: Johannes organizes an international dance and technology workshop and festival, which features new dance works, screenings, and installations, with the week-long event ending in a conference attended by more than 200 delegates.


Aliennation Co. members meet in Houston to start production plans for "After a Life: Journey to the Center of the Earth". In addition, company members began writing-project for a book on "Theatre and Video."

In the spring of 2006, Johannes Birringer directed two workshops in dance and new media/telematics, in Istanbul, Turkey (TECHNE Festival), April 1-8, and in Sydney, Australia (Performance Space), May 1-7. Out of the Sydney workshop, a collaboration emerged on a film installation with Daniel Kojta and a group of video artists: Alien Presence H [handmade echo] is presented at the 2006 Sidney Biennial.

He also has co-produced a cycle of production workshops for "I-Map," a trans-european theatre project that connects four media labs (Athens, Sofia, Amsterdam, Goettelborn) in four different countries. The last workshop before the public premiere of the work in Athens (September 2006) was held at the Interaktionslabor Goettelborn, Germany, the interactive medialab Johannes founded five years ago ( The "I-Map" project was awarded an EU grant by the EU Culture 2000 framework program, and culminated in the production of the live game, See you in Walhalla, first shown at Athens in September 2006. Walhalla was invited to the Greek Theatre Festival in June 2007, and is now touring internationally.

In May 2006, Johannes delivered a keynote address to the annual conference of the German Society for Contemporary Theatre and Drama in English (CDE) at the University of Augsburg, Germany. At the IN TRANSIT festival, an annual performance event created by the House of World Cultures, Berlin (Germany), he conducted a lab on neuroscience, mind-body relations and dance research together with choreographer Jayachandran Palazhy (India) and Fabiana Dultra Britto (Brazil). At the Performance Studies International conference on "Performing Rights," June 2006, he moderated a roundtable on "Duty of Care" with Australian performance diver Sarah Jane Pell and Arts Catalyst curator  Rob La Frenais. In September, he presented films on new prototype developments of the 'ScreenDress,' with fashion designer Michèle Danjoux, at the DRHA festival, Dartington College of the Arts. Another exhibition of this digital project was shown at CLEAR, the Center for Landscape and Environmental Arts Research at Cumbria Institute of the Arts in Carlisle in October 2007. A new version of the Kluver film was featured at the Prague Quadrennial "design in motion" festival in June 2007. 
In December 2006, Johannes directed a dance-technology workshop studio on "Inscribing Dance in a New Space"  at the biannual Monaco Dance Forum in Monte Carlo, the leading international dance festival dedicated to new media technologies in the art form. 


Angeles Romero submits grant application to Houston Arts Council and is awarded an Individual Artist Grant Award, funded by the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Allianceshops. During her grant residency, she completed writing her latest, and most substantial play to date, "Puntos de Fuga" (Vanishing Points). A public stage reading was held at Talento Bilingue, December 21, 2007.

Puntos de Fuga


In January-February, Johannes begins collaboration with composer Paulo C. Chagas on the creation of a new chamber opera on F. Bacon, Corpo, Carne e Espirito, commissioned to be premiered in Brasil. The concert-film Canções dos olhos, created with Chagas and Peruvian dancer Veronica Endo, was selected for the Brasilian video festival Dança em Foco, Rio de Janeiro, August 2007.

In  April, Johannes gave the keynote presentation at the opening of the "Ideas in Motion" festival at CYBERARTS Boston, USA.  Canções dos olhos was screened at SARC's spring concert series in Belfast (Northern Ireland) on February 1, 2007. In the spring, he also directed a masterclass for the Movement, Sound and Network Project at SARC Belfast, which concluded with the premiere of The Cube - an audio-visual interac tive installation  - on June 4, 2007.  

On June 12-13, Johannes directed a panel discussion on new developments in choreography for the Screen/interactional choreography at the Moves International Screen Choreography Conference in Manchester.

In mid-November, he directed the "Movi-Lab" in digital performance at the a_m_b_e_r 07 Festival in Istanbul, Turkey, and delivered a keynote address on current experimental work in the performance field. Later that month, he acted as coordinator and editor for the CYNET Computer Art Festival07_encounter in Dresden (Germany). This year's event is named "Telematic Plateaux" and features several telepresence installations at Festspielhaus Hellerau.

Bodies of Color, a workshop directed by Johannes Birringer and Michele Danjoux for Intimacy: Across Visceral and Digital Performance Festival, Goldsmiths University of London

The premiere of the new design-movement work Suna no Onna, with fashion designer Michèle Danjoux and the performers and digital artits of the DAP ensemble, was December 8, 2007, at the Laban Centre, London, in conjunction with a workshop festival on "Intimacy: Across Visceral and Digital Performance", curated by Goldsmiths College. 



Suna no Onna, interactive dance exhibition, Watermans Art Centre, London, March 2008

The company under the production development leadership of Angeles Romero submits several grants (including a large scale Capital Grant application) to raise funding for the production of Puntos de Fuga (Vanishing Points).

In the summer of 2008, Johannes directed a masterclass at Belo Horizonte's 9th International Theater Festival in Brasil. In the spring and summer of 2008, production rehearsals for a new chamber opera, Corpo, Carne e Espirito, created with composer Paulo C. Chagas, will be completed.

Corpo, Carne e Espírito, digital oratorio, world premiere FIT-BH Festival, Klauss Vianna Theatre, Belo Horizonte, Brasil, June 27-29.

Corpo, Carne e Espírito

Online Interview, Johannes talking about recent work and new developments in interactive perfoirmance with Marlon Barrios Solano, Dance-Tech. Net,

Ceci n’est pas une pipe, Choreographic Capture festival, exhibited permanently online:
Nijinsky dreams of God, Choreographic Capture festival, exhibited permanently online:

Johannes participates in the CYNETart 2008 Post Me_New ID Forum, and is featured in a panel with Martin Kusch (kondition pluriel)

Performance, Technology, and Science (new book by Johannes) is published in New York.




Art & Technology: An audio-visual presentation by Johannes Birringer, Wednesday, January 21, 2009,. 7:30 pm; Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex

Johannes was interviewed by Melissa Noble on “Living Art”, KPFT Radio Pacifica, 90.1 , Friday, 16th January.


Choreolab, Krems (Austria), September 2009: Johannes presents a key note film lecture on Choreographic Systems and Technologies.

kedja Festival, Oslo (Norway), October 2009: Johannes presents the keynote address on Dance and New Media Technologies during the 2009 Coda International Dance Festival


Tokyo UKIYO Lab, December 3 - 13. Johannes and members of the London DAP-Lab ensemble work in residence at Keio University's Mixed Reality Lab, developing the extended version of UKIYO, a choreographic installation first presented in London in June 2009. The installation then toured in Slovenia in June 2010 and finally premiered at Sadler's Wells, London, in November 2010.

* * *



April 4-5, 2011
A two-day conference & performance laboratory
Artaud Performance Centre, Brunel University, London

This symposium and performance laboratory initiates a series of annually held research events at Brunel University's Antonin Artaud Performance Centre, bringing together an invited group of international theatre and dance artists, musicians, digital artists, art theorists and researchers engaged in creative practices that reflect on major innovative performance traditions of the past century and their impact on current performance knowledge and physical (or physical-digital) techniques.
The first instalment of the ARTAUD FORUM is dedicated to the memory of Kazuo Ohno and the complex convergences/ differences between Japanese and Western performative methods. The symposium and workshop are composed of dialogue and performance practice, intermixed with film screenings, a live performance and a photographic exhibition

The "Workshop Words," as the late Kazuo Ohno called reflections on his practice, are published online on our ArtaudForum website and links to performance films/documents are below insided the program.: Workshop Words
The keynote speakers provide important stimulus to the conference from various perspectives, informing & challenging our thinking onthe conference theme.




Thursday, January 12, 2012
6:30 pm
TBH CENTER (TALENTO BILINGüE DE HOUSTON) | HOUSTON TX ... 713-222- 1213. 333 S. Jensen Drive.
Entry: free

Johannes Birringer
"Theatre Histories: The Archive and the Repertoire"Introducing trans-cultural perspectives on the study of theatre histories and practices, choreographer and media artist
Johannes Birringer (Artistic Director, AlienNation Co, Houston / Professor of Performance Technologies, Brunel University, London)
will lecture on Indian theatre and Kathakali dance, Chinese and Japanese theatre including Beijing Opera, kabuki, noh,
and butoh. During the first two hours, there will be be a presentation of ideas and screening of relevant material to provide a context and point of
reference for the subsequent practical workshop, which will be mostly focused on butoh.

The historical material is drawn from Zarrilli, Phillip (et al) ed. Theatre Histories: An Introduction 2nd Edition (2010), London/New York, Routledge.

+ + +
On Friday morning, January 13, 2012, Johannes will be interviewed on KPFT's "Living Art" program at 6-7 am (in the morning), discussing his new book:

"Tanz und WahnSinn / Dance and ChoreoMania"
ed. Johannes Birringer & Josephine Fenger

Yearbook 21 of GTF, German Society for Dance Research.
August 2011 / Leipzig: Henschel Verlag, ISBN-10: 3894877103
In German and English.

Throughout the history of civilization, dance and madness have been intricately linked to each other – from the Dionysian Mysteries of antiquity
to contemporary flash mobs and techno raves. Individual and collective states of exception have found expression and reflection as well as
cathartic healing through dancing. "Tanz und WahnSinn/Dance and ChoreoMania" presents a provocative collection of interdisciplinary studies
on dance and madness combining historical, cultural, schizoanalytic, medical, philosophical, therapeutic and artistic perspectives
that explore the phenomenon.
The book is also on the website (with audiovisual materials)

The radio talk will become available as a podcast.



Exhibitions and Performance Projects:


2013 The Eleventh Hour, Group exhibition, Diverse Works, Houston, Sept. 6 – October 12
featuring AlienNation Co., Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Mel Chin, Karen Finley, Annie Sprinkle,
Deborah Hay, Ben deSoto, William Pope.L. and others.

2013 Audible and Inaudible Choreography, Night of the Experiments, CYNETart 2013 Festival, Dresden/Hellerau, Germany
2013 The Postcard Exhibit, University of Alberta, Canada

2013 Lung Pulmo Pneumo, dance film, Arts@Artaud, London
2013 for the time being/TatlinTower, KINETIKA Art Fair, London

2013 RedMicroDress in the 10th Country, interactive dance, Interaktionslabor Göttelborn, Germany

2014 Translating Street Art, Launch of special issue, Transcultural, University of Alberta, Canada
2014 Exhibition of “Critical Costumes”, Film, ARTBAR, February 2014. MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art Australia), Sidney, Australia, curated by Chicks on Speed
2014 Lung Pulmo Pneumo, dance film, exhibited at Cinedans Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2014 TatlinTower and RedMicroDress, BBC World Series “Click” Program on Wearable Technologies, London, February 25

2014 for the time being [Victory over the Sun], dance opera, world premiere, Lilian Baylis Studio –Sadler’s Wells, London


++ +





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