Composer and Saxophonist Andre Marquetti was born in Oro Preto, Brazil, and raised in France. Marquetti’s music is an eclectic synthesis combining classical and world influences, experimental music and cybernetics. Previous musical studies have included Chicago’s Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, Stockhausen Summer courses in Germany. His teachers include composers George Flynn and John Eaton.

He holds a Master degree in experimental composition from Wesleyan University where he studied with Anthony Braxton and Alvin Lucier. As a saxophonist he has performed widely in Chicago, the Green Mill, Empty Bottle, WNUR, Elastic Arts Foundation. Mr. Marquetti is a regular guest with the Anthony Braxton ensemble. Some of his recent collaboration with Braxton is documented in a recording set, Echo Echo House of Mirrors, soon to be released. Currently, Marquetti is a doctorate student in algorithm composition with David Cope, and an active composer of sonic landscapes with Jennifer Parker’s mechatronics group at the University of Caifornia, Santa Cruz. His music has been widely performed in Houston, Chicago, Connecticut, and New York. Ensembles included the Flux String Quartet, Wu Man, legendary Koto’s shakuhachi player Yoshio Kurahashi, Germany’s duo Ahlert and Schwab, and virtuosi pianist Amy Briggs Dissanayake. He created music and performance characters for several AlienNation Co. productions and was a guest artist at the East by West exhibition at Winter Street Art Center in Houston.


Link to some recent pieces


Link to Andre Marquetti at UCSC


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