Steve Pare
Born in Ithaca, New York and currently living and working in Houston, Steve Pare is a composer and musician who is committed to exploring the interrelations between acoustic. electric, abd electronic music and live performance/art.

He has written compositions for dance companies and also plays in his own band in the Houston music scene. In his first collaboration with AlienNation Co., he created the music for PARACHUTE I, the dance concert staged by AlienNation Co. and performed by Sandra Organ and her dancers at Bayou Place. He also cowritten the score for NORTH BY SOUTH, together with Patrick Clark. The music from this dance concert was released on CD in the summer of 1998. In 1998-99, Steve collaborated with AlienNation Co, on the creation of a series of site-specific concerts/installations at Winter Street Art Center, including "East by West," "migbot," and "fishgarden." Starting in the summer of 1999, Steve composed the original music for AlienNation's new dance opera MIRAK. The music will be released on CD in the course of 2000, and a recital of scenes from MIRAk will be present at the October 2000 concert of the Houston Composers Alliance (Rice Shepherd School of Music).

Recent professional work:


* Commission from AlienNation Co.: "MIRAK," new opera, for electronic orchestra and vocalists

*Commission from Aliennation Co.: "fishgarden," for electronic orchestra


*Commission from Aliennation Co.: "Migbot," for electronic orchestra.

* Commission from AlienNation Co.: "East by West," for electronic orchestra.

*Commission from AlienNation Co.: "Parachute North by South", for electronic orchestra.

*Madrigal for Mandoline Quartet.

* Uncompleted Commission from a dance company.

* Uncompleted Commission from a theater company.


*Commission from AlienNation Co.: "Parachute", for electronic orchestra and two percussionists.

*Brass Quintet. *Movement for String Quartet.

*Two Mirror Movements for String Quartet.


*Commission from Palindrome Dance Co. (Germany): (Suite for Electronic Orchestra).

*Seven Songs on Texts from "The Gospel of Thomas", for Mezzo-Soprano, Flute, Harp, and Viola.


*Commission from Chrysalis Dance Co.: "The Divine Woman Who Fell from the Sky", for electronic orchestra.

*String Quartet.

*Nine Madrigals for String Quintet.

*Anthem for String Quintet.

*Movement for String Quintet.


*Commission from Jaguar Sun Theater Co.: "Mira Miro" (Fibonacci Ricercars).

*Four Songs for Baritone and Wind Quintet, on texts from Goethe's "Faust".


*Commission from Chrysalis Dance Co.: "Tribute" (Suite for Saxophone, Harps, and Percussion Ensemble).

* Bagatelle for String Quartet.


*Five or Six Variations for Marimba.

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