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A collaborative realtime installation project developed in the context of RealTime - Virtual Environments,
a research forum organized by O1 plus Institute, Nuernberg and CYNETart, Dresden (Germany)

by Johannes Birringer (Houston) , Sher Doruff (Amsterdam), Orm Finnendahl (Berlin), Ayse Orhon (Istanbul)

workshop and public premiere July 12-28, 2002, Festspielhaus Hellerau. For a description of this exhibition go to the Gallery.

Easy by West 2.0. interactive telepresence installation, exhibited at DEAF2003 "Data Knitting," Pakhuis Las Palmas, Rotterdam, Feb 25- March 8, 2003


"finally a place.."


a new multmedia exhibition by AlienNation Co. exhibited at TransArt Studio, Houston, TX, December 12- 21, 2002


"Body -Art & Technological Transformations"

directed by Johannes Birringer

Friday, May 16, 2003, 15:oo - 19:00 University Ceremony Hall
Public Exhibition and Discussion 20:30 -

during the conference:: The flesh made text: Bodies, Theories and Cultures in the Post-Millenial Era
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, 15-18 May 2003




research laboratory in communications technologies, interactive media & virtual environments

Göttelborn Coal Mine, Saarland (Germany), July 1 - 14, 2003: enter here.

Laboratory II: July 5-18, 2004


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