Preview 2000

Multimedia Workshop by Johannes Birringer

For bookings write to orpheus @ rice dot edu

E n v i r o n m e n t s



This multimedia presentation is designed to raise pertinent programmatic questions concerning the new "SPACE" of research/teaching in the field of dance technologies and interface design. The workshop participants will explore transformations of the traditional rehearsal studio.

We wish to share with other artists/teachers our experience as an independent media performance group and a research lab in dance technologies experimenting with new concepts for:

1) for a multimedia studio or "intelligent space" necessary for integrated, process and production oriented work in dance technologies

2) for long-term processual research in "ENVIRONMENTS" allowing dancers and students from the related arts to investigate the implications of digital multimedia and interactive-design parameters.

3) for experimentation with the new "plasticity" of electronic sculptures and nervous environments partly designed for performer and audience interaction, and for "conversion" (site-transitions to the internet, telematic events, websites). This experimentation involves architectural diagram concepts of "anteriority," "interiority," and "exteriortity" adopted from Peter Eisenman. Our lab ensemble in Columbus works on the continuing design of a performance website, "The Fold", (at the Wexner Center for the Arts built by Eisenman). In the ISEA workshop we will create scenographic and choreographic parameters including interactions with digital cameras and interface devices, capture the scene and explore its transference to an interactive web-design.

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