g h o s t

i s l a n d

a dance installation by Environment V

Festival Intermediale, Mainz, Germany, March 31, 2001.

directed by Johannes Birringer

performance by Kareen Balsam, Kelly Gottesman, Jenny Pommiss, Leslie Seiters, Yianni Yesssios, Iris Tenge

sculptures/digital interfaces by the ensemble

music: live mix

"Ghost Island" is an interactive dance installation created by the Environments V Laboratory - an ensemble of dancers and visual artists working with new media technologies.

The installation is the third in a cycle of new works created in the Dance & Technology Program at The Ohio State University in Columbus, USA. After gaining recognition, the group was invited by the Wexner Center for the Arts to install the environment "IN'TER" (May 2000) on the Internet.

"Ghost Island" includes several digital films and four strands of narrative delving into the subconscious of the performers¼ experience in isolated/insulated environments (island, prison cell, monastery, abandoned house). The performance involves the audience in the constant shift between present location and images transmitted from remote sites or captured from memories of isolation.

"ghost island" is shown in conjunction with the roundtable on NEURAL SYSTEMS - INTELLIGENT STAGES presented at Performance Studies International 7 congress in Mainz, 2001.

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