World Premiere: Diverse Works, Houston, Texas December 15-18, 1999

Recreation as Music-Film Recital for Houston Composers Alliance: January 30, 2001

Shepherd School of Music, Houston, Texas

This surrealist sci-fi opera portrays the dramatic shift in the mindset of Romola, a cosmonaut abandoned on the spaceship MIRAK.

After seven years of orbiting Earth, Romola's physiological chemistry changes. She experiences a series of hallucinatory mental break-downs which enable her to reconfigure her reality and live as a new, mutated being. The audience is invited to a cinematic journey of the mind at the dawn of a century.

MIRAK uses familiar opera conventions to strikingly new effects, integrating movement and narration on stage with video projection, 3D animation, puppets, sculptures, and an electronic score performed live by a small orchestra and three singers.

Created during their dance residency at DiverseWorks, the opera highlights AlienNation Co's multimedia, computer-driven conception of visual choreography, storytelling, and live mix.

Music is composed by Steve Pare, the libretto is by Angeles Romero, animations by Serena Lin, scenography by Don Calledare, additional digital imagery by Mel Landin, and choreography by artistic director Johannes Birringer. Performances are by Andee Scott, Nancy Hardy, Terry Hughes, Angeles Romero and Macarena Ortuzar. Guest vocalists are distinguished mezzo-soprano Isabelle Ganz, and soprano Mary Hines. Russian voice by Sonia Tabarovski. Lighting design is by Christina Giannelli, and technical supervision by Sam Jones.



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