New multimedia play development:

Puntos de Fuga

Puntos de fuga (Vanishing Points) is a full length interactive multimedia play set in an interrogation room where Amalia, a young maquila worker from Catemaco, Veracruz is being held for questioning in connection with the kidnapping of DEA Agent John Arenas. As the officer sets off to find incriminating evidence that links her to the drug cartel, Amalia reveals her supernatural powers as a means to keep a solemn vow of securing an American airplane (piloted by the fictional character of Amelia Erahart) in order to unearth the missing women in Juárez. The interrogation is existentially challenging to the interpreter, who is discomforted by its senseless brutality.

Written by Angeles Romero. First stage reading, December 2008, Talento Bilingue Theatre, Houston. Grant writing and script development, 2008-2009.

For pre-production summary, see Puntos



Recreation and new production of Sueño,

a multimedia play written and performed b Angeles Romero.

Premiere production in Columbus, Ohio, was directed by Johannes Birringer.

The new performances will be presented in the spring of 2012 at Talento Bilingue Houston.


Summer laboratories:


(summer labs held in Germany at Coal Mine Göttelborn)

The seventh laboratory (2009) featured reserch into sonic art.

The sixth laboratory (2008) took place in Belo Horizonte, Brasil.

The fifth laboratory (2007) focused on the production research on Suna no Onna.

The fourth laboratory (2006) featured the European "iMap" project, a collaboration between four new media centers (in Greece, Bulgaria, Germany, Holland).

The third laboratory began July 18, 2005, Coal Mine Göttelborn, Germany.

The second laboratory began July 5, 2004 , Coal Mine Göttelborn, Germany.

The first two-week laboratory concluded with a public exhibition in mid-July 2003.





Video and Theatre Rehearsals:

Starting December 2005, AlienNation Co. engages in a series of performance rehearsals involving video and digital imaging.

The meetings are at AlienNation's new temporary studio at Mother Dogs, Houston. In 2009 the studio moved to the Montrose

area and is now located on Joe Annie Street.

Telematic Rehearsals:

telepresence dance and design research with ADaPT partners in Arizona, Michigan, Utah, Brasilia, Tokyo & Rome.

The new LATela (Live Art Telematics Studio), directed by Johannes Birringer, began operation in February 2004,

linking up other ADaPT partner sites. Enter LATela.


For information on the history of these telematic performance projects and the sites, visit "Flying Birdman"


DAP-Lab: Design and Performance:

A new collaborative research project, linking live art, new media and fashion design, started in the spring of 2005

at Nottingham Trent University. Directed by Johannes Birringer and Michèle Danjoux, DAP focuses on new concepts

in design-in-motion and mixed reality interaction. Enter DAP


Environments Projects:






Thursday, January 12, 2012
6:30 pm
TBH CENTER (TALENTO BILINGüE DE HOUSTON) | HOUSTON TX ... 713-222- 1213. 333 S. Jensen Drive.
Entry: free

Johannes Birringer
"Theatre Histories: The Archive and the Repertoire"Introducing trans-cultural perspectives on the study of theatre histories and practices, choreographer and media artist
Johannes Birringer (Artistic Director, AlienNation Co, Houston / Professor of Performance Technologies, Brunel University, London)
will lecture on Indian theatre and Kathakali dance, Chinese and Japanese theatre including Beijing Opera, kabuki, noh,
and butoh. During the first two hours, there will be be a presentation of ideas and screening of relevant material to provide a context and point of
reference for the subsequent practical workshop, which will be mostly focused on butoh.

The historical material is drawn from Zarrilli, Phillip (et al) ed. Theatre Histories: An Introduction 2nd Edition (2010), London/New York, Routledge.

+ + +
On Friday morning, January 13, 2012, Johannes will be interviewed on KPFT's "Living Art" program at 6-7 am (in the morning), discussing his new book:

"Tanz und WahnSinn / Dance and ChoreoMania"
ed. Johannes Birringer & Josephine Fenger

Yearbook 21 of GTF, German Society for Dance Research.
August 2011 / Leipzig: Henschel Verlag, ISBN-10: 3894877103
In German and English.

Throughout the history of civilization, dance and madness have been intricately linked to each other – from the Dionysian Mysteries of antiquity
to contemporary flash mobs and techno raves. Individual and collective states of exception have found expression and reflection as well as
cathartic healing through dancing. "Tanz und WahnSinn/Dance and ChoreoMania" presents a provocative collection of interdisciplinary studies
on dance and madness combining historical, cultural, schizoanalytic, medical, philosophical, therapeutic and artistic perspectives
that explore the phenomenon.
The book is also on the website (with audiovisual materials)

The radio talk will become available as a podcast.



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